Coliving Manifesto

The following document aims to establish premises that are capable of establishing the common elements of any Coliving proposal:

  1. Coliving is a housing formula composed of a community that shares spaces and values.
  2. Coliving as an architectural proposal is defined as the union of a private space with common areas designed with the intention of encouraging the experience of living in community while respecting the privacy of each individual.
  3. Communities take time to form, so the colivers must have a spirit of permanence in the space. This reality must be combined with the flexibility required by the new forms of living demanded by society.
  4. The building must be designed efficiently, focusing on innovation in terms of the design of the spaces and the services offered, in order to adapt to the specific needs of the colivers.
  5. The coliving and its community must have among its objectives to help improve its environment. The best way to channel this positive impact is to act in the area of influence of each establishment: block, neighbourhood, district, city.
  6. Coliving is not a tourist accommodation, as its aim is for its inhabitants to live together, create a community and integrate into their environment.
  7. Each coliving must have a figure in charge of enabling the birth of a community integrated in the space and allowing its evolution and development over time.
  8. Coliving proposals must inexcusably have in their nature the values of sustainability and diversity, which society today demands.
  9. Specialisation on the part of the actors involved in Coliving: developers, builders, operators, investors, and other intervening actors, with specific identification, urban planning legislation, taxation and regulation.
  10. Technology is intrinsically linked to Coliving, both in its construction and operation and in the user’s tools; offering new answers, solutions and tools for data analysis and technological solutions that make this new way of life possible.