What do we do?

Continuous coverage of the most important news of current affairs, as well as specific information on the national and international sector.
COWORD as a representative before Administrations and Institutions, as well as before other organisations in society. Defending and preserving the professional interests of the agents involved in the projection, development, design, management, execution, operation, training and dissemination of shared real estate projects.
Analysing the most innovative national and international trends aimed at changing the traditional models of use that allow greater flexibility and a faster response to social demand. Attending to the training needs of the associates, both in general areas and in specific subjects. Increasing knowledge and promoting the professionalisation of the real estate sector.
With the aim of illustrating, celebrating, entertaining or generating relationships and experiences. Forums for debate and relations between the agents involved in this type of project to promote the dissemination and knowledge of these formulas for coexistence.
Project finder – user-driven – a space for publicising the projects of operators, promoters and developers