Mundo Living

Nowadays there is a new sector of Living, where people who temporarily share life without belonging to a family nucleus, share common spaces and enjoy services participating of a community. With an architecture and interior design where sustainability, energy efficiency and technology are increasingly its value, this asset class fits in different moments of the life cycles. Where the youngest can stay in a student residence, the young professionals, teleworkers or expatriates population can stay in coliving. Then, couples with or without children and small families in corporate living and over 55 years in a senior living or cosenior.


In each of these spaces there are services suitable for each of the specific needs of the tenants up to healthcare, from cultural to social.

Mundo Living con Javier Kindelan

Mundo Living con Antonio Ñudi

Mundo Living con Jose Antonio Granero

Mundo Living con Juan Manuel Pardo

Mundo Living con Irene Trujillo