COWORD, the Association of Shared Real Estate Spaces signs collaboration agreement with Banco Sabadell


  • The aim of the agreement between Coword and Banco Sabadell is to help people and companies to make their shared space projects a reality, such as Coliving, Cohousing, Cosenior, anticipating and taking care of them so that they can make the best economic decisions. Both entities share values such as: Commitment, Non-conformism, Professionalism, Efficiency, Empathy and Openness.
  • The signing of the agreement was attended on behalf of Banco Sabadell: Enrique Maganto De Lucas Regional Director, Ignacio Lerroux González, Territorial Institutional Director and Director of Professional Collectives, Carlos Martín García, Director of Business Banking, and Marcos Rosado Rolandelli, Director. On behalf of the non-profit Coword Association: Araceli Martín-Navarro, CEO EF Plus and President of the Association and Irene Trujillo, Operations Director of DoveVivo in Spain and Vice-President of Coword.
  • Within the framework of the agreement signed, Coword members will be offered a wide range of financial products and services in advantageous conditions for both professional and personal finances, through exclusive offers (self-entry, insurance and other banking products). All this with a direct dialogue and availability of specialised services: Digitalisation, Savings and Investment, Financing adapted to their needs or E-Commerce.

Madrid, 26 July 2021 – Banco Sabadell supports innovative and disruptive projects such as coliving or cohousing, which is why it has reached an agreement with the Coword Association of shared real estate spaces. The president of the Association, Araceli Martín-Navarro explained: “Coword sees in this agreement with Banco Sabadell a value proposition to the Associate providing financial solutions for both their professional and personal life, by extending the conditions to first-degree relatives and a special treatment in those products that are not included in the agreement”.

The Association was constituted in 2021 with the clear social commitment to give voice to the new demand for housing, due to the new ways of working and living together that have been accelerated after the pandemic, as well as to support the Spanish real estate sector to promote and manage shared real estate spaces; such as coliving or cohousing. Always with all the necessary legal and urban planning guarantees, defending the interests of all its members and meeting the real demand of those who want to live in shared spaces, as well as the strong interest of investors. coword’s members are professionals in the Real Estate sector, architects, designers, builders, developers, operators and investors.

Regarding the agreement, the Vice President of the Association and Director of Operations of Dovevivo in Spain, Irene Trujillo Felix explained that “coliving has proven to be much more resilient than other branches of Real Estate to market fluctuations and has more room for growth and a booming demand. This is why many investors have decided to move into this sector. Coliving, like other shared real estate spaces, such as Cohousing or Cosenior, is a figure between traditional rental and accommodation, aimed at specific groups that share interests and concerns such as digital nomads, young people who are no longer students and have just started their professional life but have not yet started a family; those temporarily displaced by work circumstances or the not so young, who have reached an age where they no longer have family responsibilities and are in the last stage of their professional career and even those who have already retired. This is a client who is not satisfied with simply sharing a flat, but is looking for a type of coexistence in which the community of interests contributes to their day-to-day life, as well as having access to top quality services at a competitive price.


The Real Estate Association of Shared Spaces COWORD, is a non-profit association, independent of any kind of social or political group; formed by real estate professionals involved with society to respond to their needs and demands. It also defends and preserves the professional interests of the agents involved in the projection, development, design, management, execution, exploitation, training and dissemination of shared real estate space projects, currently known as coliving and cohousing, or other alternative formulas of cohabitation that are emerging strongly at present.

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